The Advertising Agency “Magistral Advertising”

Company profile

Agency of the media, creative and production services and Btl
Year of the foundation – 2005, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city
Collaborators of our company have a pretty big experience of work.
Foundation, knowledge of local market peculiarities allowed to our company to be in the top ten advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan.
The main capital of our company is our clients, with whom we are working!

Corporative values

The company with maximum degree uses its own opportunities to occupy the first positions and solve the most perspective problems.
We make every effort to translate our clients' ideas into reality
The relationship between our company and a client should be built on the honest and open-mindness.
We make decisions by looking at the all information, settled down estimation, and also with a calculation to all possible risks.
We are feeling a natural unsatisfaction of an already reached, and always longing for increasing a degree of our work.